NOWY SĄCZ 08-12.09.2009

DZIEŃ 2: Wednesday

9th September 2009, Nowy Sącz

Jose Manuel Barroso
greeted the partcipants

Building upon the mutual commitment should be a value. said Mr Barroso. He emphasized the importance of the Eastern partnership. He appealed for special solidarity with youth with bearing in mind the economic crisis which specially touched them. He wished fruitful discussions and declared to await the conclusions of discussions.

Participants speakout

We asked young leaders to tell us where they were from and asked them to share their experiences about the forum with us. Listen to what they had to say.

My name is Christian from Germany.

I study Art Management and Musicology. My basic purpose while applying for this Forum was to get to know many people from the Europe and young Europe also. For me it is very important to have a cultural contact with different people. It is an incredible enrichment, also it's important for my future work which will be connected with culture but also management, diplomacy, whatever. That's why I really appreciate this cultural diversity.

My name is Pamela. I'm from here from Poland.

I have come here to get new contacts and to get to know people. Next year I will be trying for studies and that's why I want to use these contacts for my future work and career.

For Zygmunt Berdychowski, Programme Director of the Economic Forum in Krynica
there is cooperation with youth which important.

Malopolska - young leaders meeting point

welcoming speech by Leszek Zegzda

  • Leszek Zegzdathe Marshall of the Malopolska Region
  • Zygmunt Berdychowski the Chairman of the Programme Council of the Economic Forum in Krynica

Malopolska - young leaders meeting point welcoming speech by Leszek Zegzda, the Marshall of the Malopolska Region speech by Zygmunt Berdychowski, the Chairman of the Programme Council of the Economic Forum in Krynica presentation of Malopolska region marketing strategy.

Małopolska region opens for youth

Meetings between youth have a crucial meaning in life, there is a great need to talk. The ability to talk is a very important one which youth need to acquire. Małopolska region in an important place with a long tradition of multiculturality. His meeting has a great significance in regard to the specificity of the region. His meeting here has the same important as the Krynica one.

Leszek Zegzda voivodship marshall met with young leaders.

Be active!

Workshops led by the National Agency of "Youth in Action" Programme

Take the opportunity that gives Youth in action Programme! Participant from France was volunteering for half a year in Iseland, Turkey participant was benefiting from the youth exchange on global warming in Turkey, Polish NGO member took part in a training on NGO managementin Romania. Today participants shared their experience on the Youth in Action Programme opportunities. They had a chance to hear the presentation of the all possibility that gives the programme. MORE http://ec.europa.eu/youth/index_en.htm MORE

Challenges for European economy in the globalized world. Polish experiences

Waldemar Pawlak - Deputy Prime Minister of Poland

In Central and Eastern Europe lies a big potential

In his speech Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland emphasizes the great potential that lies in Central and Eastern Europe. GDP of the whole region is higher than of Russia. There are special cultural relations, values, such as family and other elements that make this region special. The cooperation in this region is crucial.

We need in the whole continent and in our country inspiration and innovation. It’s good when we use others’ experience and then apply it on our ground taking into account the specifics of our situation and case, what introduces innovation. Another issue that was touched upon was the state role and the regulations. Before the crisis neo-liberal doctrines forced by many people were against any form of regulation. The crisis proved that regulations are necessary.
Concerning the Economic Forum of Young Leaders, it’s good that it promotes the networking attitude. It gives the direct possibility to communicate. It builds the potential of contacts for the future. It will result in the future when young leaders will take up important roles in public role.

The tradition of the Forum of Young Leaders in Nowy Sącz are meetings with politicians. Among today's guest there was Waldemar Pawlak who emphasised that he tries to show youth Poland and this part of Europe also in the historic context

Youth, Europe, world- cooperation and responsibility in the era of globalization.

Panel discussion

  • Krzysztof Stanowski - Deputy Minister of Education, Poland
  • Ludwik Wiśniewski - Dominican
  • Tomasz Różniak – Chairman of the European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation

Building peace and sustainable development of the world are the youth tasks

Generation present in Nowy Sącz at Economic Forum has got a very important challenge. This generation is responsible for building peace said Father Ludwik Wiśniewski. He stated that this process should be based on common values, such as truth, human dignity and welfare. Welfare is something good itself but only when it is connected with responsibility, whose who own should take care of those who are derived from goods. It’s up to us if the world will be better. We shouldn’t ask what we will be given, but the question should be what we can offer to our country, continent and world.

Deputy Prime Minister of Education of the Republic of Poland Krzysztof Stanowski stated that nowadays in the world there are less borders in political meaning, but there are other borders, like electronic barriers between generations. To build up identification, we need to do something mutually. Europe needs to do something for the world, should provide development aid and human rights.

Chairman of the European Meeting Centre- Nowy Staw Foundation said that one of the main challenge in building European community. We do lack solidarity in our continent, the treaty was rejected in the richest European countries, it’s not and accident. We are not opened to share what we have. The very good practice is voluntary service of young people from developed countries in the developing ones. It shapes openness, developing character, getting to known is a condition of effective cooperation. We should develop this practice in the Central and Eastern Europe and other parts of the world.

Youth leaders visited their older colleagues in Krynica

Participants of the Nowy Sącz Forum visited older generations of leaders in Krynica. They took part in the Inaugurate Plenary Session entitled Europen Solidarity. 20 years after the Revolution. The speakers of the discussion were as follow: Dick Roche, Minister of European Affairs, Ireland; John Monks, General Secretary of the European Association of Trade Union; Jose Maria Aznar, Chairman of the FAES, Spain; Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Prezydent of the Republic of Poland, 1995-2005; Jerzy Buzek, European Parliament President, Filip Thon, RWE Chairman, Poland; Fr Maciej Zięba OP, Director of the European Centre of Solidarity

Participants speakout

We asked young leaders to tell us where they were from and asked them to share their experiences about the forum with us. Listen to what they had to say.

My name is Rita and I'm from Vilnus.

Here I represent the company which deals with the financial resources. I like the Forum so far because I have the chance to meet many people from many different countries. We have a lot of interesting discussions. I like it. So far it was very good.

I'm Liana from the Netherlands.

I really like it so far. We had a very interesting speech by the Prime Minister today. And I'm glad to meet so many people from different countries. I've never met people from Poland for example, because I've never been here before. so it's really interesting.

European Solidarity 20 Years After the Revolution

Plenary session during the 19th Economic Forum in Krynica

Challenges for Europe: society, economy, politics

José María Aznar
former Prime Minister of Spain

Jose Maria Aznar believes in Europe

Jose Maria Aznar, former Prime Minister of Spain, currently President of FAES, was a special guest of young leaders today. He expressed his respect for Poland and stated it’s one of his favourite country and a key country in the European Union. He admitted that he was negotiating tough in order Poland become the member of the European Union. He believes in strong Europe that should defend the system of values such as freedom, respect of historic roots. One of those roots is christianism, without which we can’t explain Europe. We should make Europe more understandable for people. Europe’s chance is economy, we should put forward the very serious agenda of economic reforms including more liberalization, more privatization, serious labour market reforms. We should give people opportunities, this is the best solution. He expressed his support for Balkan EU enlargement followed by Ukraine and Georgia accession. But first those two countries should enter NATO.

Europe in the 21st century - how to make a European project more attractive for young people?

Dick Roche
Minister of State for European Affairs, Ireland

Ireland accession to the EU made Irish people more Irish

Monet, Schuman and other creators had a revolutionary idea, revolutionary project of Europe based on principles and values. He is conscious that this project is no perfect and unfinished but it’s worth of being continued. The basic rule of the European Union is equality which means that everybody must be listened.

In the heart of any European project, there must be the willingness to listen. European project must be re- invented and people must be re-engaged, this is the youth task, they should make it a passion. Minister Roche reminded that Irish people were afraid of joining EU, they were worrying that their traditions will be lost. Finally, they became more Irish then before.

Interview with Dick Roche

Minister of State for European Affairs, Ireland

Q.: How to make a european more attractive?

A.: I think someone should inject a sense of passion about the European project. European project has been peaceful. In many ways it's the biggest success the world has ever seen. For many centuries the world has been solving it's problems by wars. The idea of a warfare between the european nations is completely unworkable. We are successful in growth and development. It's a classical win-win situation. By pulling small amounts of sovereignty we have all gained immeasurably. Young people have a great role to play of bringing that sense of idealism into the European Union. If you look into the Lisbon Treaty, especially the Charter it gives you an uplifting feeling. Principles that are described there are especially attractive to young people. There are so many things going on in Europe. I've told you before that 3 of 4 of my children have been doing the ERASMUS programme. It's a great possibility for young people to come together and create a better understanding among each other. If we speak about sports, we have proposed to the EU Commission to ratify some minority kinds of sports. You must know how many interesting kinds of sports do we have in Ireland. I mean there so many things in Europe. There are so many prospects out there. The biggest problem is that the European Union could be killed by cynicism. And cynicism is something that young people don't usually have or express. So if young people can become enthusiastic about the European project, if they can say: "it is our project", if they want to build Europe on principles, on values - democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights, it would be a wonderful place for this generation and the generations to come. And finally, I would like us to say our word on the European values, concepts and principles.

Reception at the Town Hall in Nowy Sącz

accompanied by Ryszard Nowak, Mayor of Nowy Sącz

Tonight we were hosted by the municipality and welcomed with a festive dinner. Bożena Jawor, Deputy Mayor of the Town expressed her joy that in those days the town hosts so many youth from so many countries.