11th Economic Forum of Young Leaders

September 5-9, 2016 Nowy Sącz

The biggest international social and economic meeting of young leaders in Europe

Do you feel you are a leader of tomorrow?

If your answer is YES, we kindly invite you to participate in the 11th edition of the Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Nowy Sącz, in the south of Poland. More than 350 young leaders from 43 counties meet in Poland to debate with prominent representatives of political, social and business life of the modern world to create ideas for the future of Europe. The Forum has been known as "Davos of the Youth" or "young Krynica" for years now.

During mutual discussions and workshops new ideas are developed, new inspirations are created and new decisions on taking mutual actions are made. They are meant to generate a change in the future. It is at the Economic Forum of Young Leaders that future elites acquire and share their knowledge. It is also a chance for the networking with peers from across the Continent and to rise quality and improve recognition of youth work.

Who participates in Forum? The leaders of tomorrow representing NGOs, social, economic, student and youth organizations, leaders of political parties, associations of employers and employees, academics, journalists and young entrepreneurs.

So, do not hesitate and take the action! Apply now to take part in the biggest international social and economic meeting of young leaders in Europe.

Currently we have second recruitment to the Forum for participants who don’t need travel reimbursement. The fee for participation is 150 euros. More information about recruitment you can find in "FAQ".





Amazing people! Thank you once again for making the Forum, not only the meeting arena for uncovering and discussing the economy mainly the European one, but a true pleasure to participate in! From the interesting and engaging speaker sessions and roundtables, to the informal meetings and chats outside the conference rooms, to the social events at the end of each day...

Amer Benouda, France


The Forum played an important role in shaping my professional and social skills. This initiative provoked me to think outside of the box, get out of my comfort zone and push the boundaries of what I thought was realistic. I am so grateful to everyone who was part of the Forum for this rewarding experience!

Mariya Romanyshyn, Ukraine


I come from Germany, but I am also Brazilian and I embrace two citizenships. I am also European. And that's why I came here, because I found out this wonderful programme which is made for young Europeans like you and like all of them here. There are beautiful people, which have great ideas and I can learn so much from all of the different conversations we have during the breaks and even in the Forum itself. There are panel discussions, we have direct contact with really good experts and that's why you should take up the whole effort to come to Nowy Sącz.

Jennifer Hartl, Germany


Beata Szydło

Prime Minister, Poland

Jarosław Gowin

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education, Poland

Tibor Navracsics

EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport

Vincenzo Camporini

Chief of Defence Generall Staff (2008-2011), Vice-President of Institute of International Affairs, Italy

David Narmania

Mayor of Tbilisi City, Georgia

Ana Birchall

Chairperson of the Committee for European Affairs Chamber of Deputies, Romania

Władysław Kosiniak - Kamysz

President of the Polish People’s Party, former Minister of Labour, Pola

Grzegorz Chłopek

CEO, Nationale-Nederlanden PTE S.A., Poland

Gjorge Ivanov

President of the Republic of Macedonia

Danilo Turk

Former President of the Republic of Slovenia

Liam Fox

Former Secretary of State for Defence, United Kingdom

Barbara Contini

Senator, Italy






special guests

11th Economic Forum of Young Leaders



How can I register for the Forum?

You can only register online by filling in the online registration form. The registration process for participants from other countries than Poland consists of 2 steps:

In order to become a participant, please submit your online registration form by the 15th of July 2016.

STEP ONE: submit your online application


STEP TWO: if selected,

  • you will hear back from the organizers (European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation)
  • you will be asked to pay the fee
  • you will be able to ask for visa, reimbursement of travel costs (etc.)

Selected participants will get the travel costs reimbursement.

The online registration form does not work - What should I do?

Contact us by email – forum@forum-leaders.eu. We do answer within few hours.

Practical information for Participants Forum 2016

open / download       PDF file

Is there any registration fee?

  • 40 euro is the fee from participants from countries other than Poland and Ukraine and it includes:
    • attending all panel discussions, lectures, speeches and workshops during the Forum
    • attending panel discussions and lectures on 8th of September at the Economic Forum in Krynica
    • conference materials
    • accommodation, meals and coffee breaks
    • invitation to the banquets and dinners
    • local transport Nowy Sącz – Krynica
    • certificate
  • 10 euro is the fee from participants from Ukraine and it includes everything what is written above.

In addition, this year there is a possibility to buy regular ticket for participants who don’t need travel costs reimbursement. This option will be opened by the 20th of July 2016.

What Is The WiFi Password?

You will be provided with the WiFi password at the registration desk upon arrival to Nowy Sącz. There is a WiFi zone in the conference center, so you will be able to use it.

Travel costs

The organizers can cover travel cost for selected participants.

Please note that only cheapest means of transport and fares are subject to reimbursement (APEX airfare, 2nd class train ticket, etc.).

Travel costs reimbursement:

  • up to 150 euro for participants from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia;
  • up to 300 euro for participants from other countries.

Participants from:

- Austria
- Bulgaria
- Cyprus
- Italy
- Spain
- United Kingdom
- Malta
- Turkey
- Romania

must contact the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme of their residence country to check travel reimbursement conditions.

Contacts to NAs: http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/contact_en#tab-1-0.

Organizers can modify conditions of travel reimbursement what will be provided to participants in step II.

Do I have to look for accommodation on my own in Nowy Sacz?

No, we provide and cover all expenses of accommodation. We will also organize lunches and dinners for you.

Will organisers cover health insurance expenses?

No, we only provide emergency/accident insurance. Participant has to take care of his health insurance on their own. As for EU country participants we advise you to have (EHIC) European Card of Health Insurance.

Do you cover visa fee?

We do not cover visa costs. Selected participants get an invitation, which allowes them to get free visa to Poland for the participation in the Forum.

Why do you need my photo in the second stage of recruitment?

Your photo is required to print your special participant ID/badge which allows also entering the Economic Forum in Krynica.

What will be the weather like during the Forum?

Of course, it is really hard to predict that right now. The day temperature may vary from 15° C to 25° C. I recommend to check the weather forecast just before departure to Poland.

What is the nearest airport?

The nearest airport is Kraków – Balice (Krakow - Balice) http://www.lotnisko-balice.pl/ - , 124 km from Nowy Sacz.

There is also an airport in Katowice http://www.katowice-airport.com/index.html.

This is located at least 210 km away from Nowy Sacz.

Another one, much smaller airport, is Rzeszow-Jasionka - http://www.rzeszowairport.pl/, located 145 km from Nowy Sacz.

However, we suggest to use this airport only in special cases.

You can use also two airports in Warsaw:
Chopin Airport http://www.lotnisko-chopina.pl/ and Modlin Airport http://www.modlinairport.pl/

What are the train connections from Krakow to Nowy Sacz, how much are the fares?

Please, check out this website of Polish National Railway (PKP): http://rozklad-pkp.pl/bin/query.exe/en. You will find all necessary information including ticket prices.

What is the dress code?

The dress code is Business Standard/ Business Attire/ formal.

I want to ask you if the result of the Forum will be announced?

Everyone will be informed about participation by receiving an email confirming acceptance of participation.

In the second stage of recruitment: after paying a participation fee and filling registration form, the applicant automatically receive a ticket and becomes a participant in the Forum.

Is there a possibility to cancel participation in the Forum?

After paying the participation fee, it is not possible to opt out of the Forum and receive back fee.

Is there parking place available next to accommodation place?

Yes, parking place will be provided by the organizers. But participants should inform organizers before the Event if they will need car park.

Will you provide transportation from the accommodation to the conference center?

Yes, We will provide transport from the accommodation place to the conference center, where the Forum will take place.

What are the criteria that organisers apply to select participants of Forum?

All prospective participants need to speak English and be active in political, social and economic life in an NGO or other institution/organization. The organizers will also assess prospective participants experience in the Fields of social, economic and political affairs. Participation in courses, trainings, seminars, affiliation to NGOs will be an asset. The main aim of the Forum is to gather a diversified group of people from different backgrounds and countries, hence the organizers kindly ask to register only one person per organization. For underrepresented countries and regions we can accept more than one participant per organization.

How many participants can be accepted representing one single organization?

We highly recommend you nominate only one candidate from your organisation even though you can send more than one application form. We will rather accept only one representative from each institution as the main objective of Forum is to create diverse group of people from different cultures, countries, languages to make this event a place to exchange different experiences and ideas. In case of significantly underrepresented countries and regions we can accept more than one participant per organization.

I am a student of international relations, but I'm not interested in economic issues.
Can I still apply for the Forum?

Yes, definitely. Forum's agenda is very broad. We will discuss political, social and global issues. Being only a student do not qualify you to the participation in the Forum. You should also prove you are active in the student's organization, NGO or civil society institution.

Is it possible to apply without an NGO?

An applicant don’t have to be a leader or member of NGO. You can be leader of non-formal group, student's club or society, youth worker, entrepreneur . As institution you can give the name of your university or company.

Who are the guests of the Forum?

Special guests and speakers of the Forum are Nobel Prize Winners (Reinhard Selten, Lech Wałęsa), Presidents (including Mikhail Saakashvili, Valdis Zatlers, Boris Tadic, Jorge Sampaio, George Vasiliou, Vaira Vike-Freiberga), Prime Ministers, Ministers, EU Commissioners, CEOs, Presidents of national banks, eminent economists. Forum program includes panel discussions, lectures, business presentations and workshops.

Who organizes the Forum?

European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation
Foundation for the Development of the Education System
Institute for Eastern Studies
The Economic Forum of Young Leaders is accompanying the 26th Economic Forum in Krynica.

What are the Forum agenda priorities in 2016?

  • the internet of things and the 4.0. Industry
  • youth entrepreneurship
  • social economy
  • education versus the contemporary labour market
  • challanges for Europe: security, economy, geopolitics
  • leadership in the modern world

Which languages do we speak during the Forum?

The panel discussions, keynote speeches and lectures are translated simultanously into English, Polish and Russian. During the workshops and networking we do speak English.


Klaudia Kozak

tel. +48 81 534 61 91



in the Malopolska Region of southern Poland

Nowy Sacz is the capital of the area known as the Polish "Tuscany" with a 700 year cultural heritage, three mountain ranges covered with forests, three mountain rivers - Dunajec, Poprad and Kamienica, many health resorts and ski lifts. Nowy Sacz lies in the heart of the Beskid Sadecki Mountains - one of the most attractive tourist regions of Poland, famous for therapeutic waters, a refreshing climate and wonderful scenery.