The Małopolska Region is the beating heart of Poland - historically, culturally and economically; our region is also one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist regions in Poland. It is here that nearly half of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland, most national parks and rich mineral water deposits are located. However, the Małopolska Region is not only monuments, it also has a unique culinary heritage.

The region's strength lies in its enormous economic potential, the development of entrepreneurship and modern technologies, as well as the infrastructure base that is growing stronger each year. All the factors make the region an attractive place for investment and business development, increasingly becoming the headquarters of Polish and international companies. We proved the speed and effectiveness of our actions by launching the Małopolska Anti-Crisis Shield, i.e. a support mechanism for e.g. entrepreneurs and employees of the Małopolska Region during the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Małopolska Region is also a pioneer in the fight for clean air and care for the natural environment. The projects and ideas implemented by the Region are aimed at minimizing of smog by reducing the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. The activities are supported by more than 60 eco-managers who educate and help residents, among others, to obtain funding for the exchange of furnaces.

The Region's inhabitants are undoubtedly the greatest capital. It is here that they have excellent conditions to develop their talents, gain education at well-prepared universities, improve their competences, and then start families and work here. The welfare of the Małopolska Region families is our priority. Therefore we are implementing several programs that support all Małopolska Region residents, especially families. Recently, as a community, we have shown that there is goodness in the Małopolska Region.


The ministry responsible for shaping and conducting the foreign policy of the Republic of Poland. The tasks of the Minister of Foreign Affairs include: representing and protecting the interests of Poland and its citizens (diplomacy); maintaining good relations of Poland with other countries and international organizations; cooperation with the Polish diaspora; promoting the Republic of Poland and Polish language; organization and management of diplomatic missions and consular posts; managing the department of government administration, foreign affairs; service of the Committee for European Affairs.


The foundation supports Poles and Germans relations. For over 20 years of existence, FWPN co-financed almost 15,000 joint projects and thus co-created the foundations of the principles of the Polish-German agreement. The main task of the Foundation is to support valuable Polish-German initiatives, including educational projects expanding knowledge about Poland and Germany, scientific cooperation, as well as artistic and literary projects. FWPN wants to have an inspiring impact on Polish-German relations, both through donations and through the projects initiated by it.



Independent Self-Governing Trade Union "Solidarność" is the largest employee organization in Poland.
The history of the Union began in 1980, when the workers started their fight for decent lives, for the right to express their opinions, for freedom. It all happened at a time when claiming your rights was subject to serious repression.
Owing to the courage and unbreakable attitude of thousands of people united by "Solidarność" Poland regained its independence. It is thanks to, among others, these events that took place 40 years ago, that we can now travel around Europe without borders, study or work in many European Union countries and communicate with the world without any limitations.
Today NSZZ "Solidarność" is the largest trade union in our country. We have knowledge and experience that help employees in their relations with the employer. We represent workers at various levels, from the Social Dialogue Council functioning at the national level to individual workplaces.
Thanks to a double-tier organization of regions and branches respectively, you can find us all over Poland. NSZZ "Solidarność" is a member of the European and International Trade Union Confederations. We also have representatives in the European Economic and Social Committee.