8th - 12th of September 2009 NOWY SĄCZ

DAY 4: Thursday

10th September 2009, Nowy Sącz

Europe and the world facing the crisis – which reforms should be reinforced to overcome the crisis?

Leszek Balcerowicz - lecture

Listen: Leszek Balcerowicz

Political interventionism is not a solution

It’s not the first crisis in the history but for the first time it has a global dimension stated Professor Balcerowicz. Countries which had the wrong policies have the biggest problems, it refers to Spain, Ireland and Baltic states. The most common explanation of the crisis is neoliberalism and a failure of financial institutions. But none of hem is justified, we shouldn’t confuse symptoms with causes. Every country should identify and find its way to get out of the crisis. But it’s sure that people should work longer, privatization must be continued. The richest country are not those which have mineral resources but those which have a good system. Policy of giving is not a good policy, Christmas shouldn’t be confused with policy.

What kind of Europe?
Polish view point

Radosław Sikorski - lecture
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Poland

Listen: Radosław Sikorski

Minister Sikorski underlined that the European Union reacted in the right way for a crisis. While the countries were protecting their own national interests, The European Union kept in mind the general interest. The European Union acting only as a whole, as one body will be treated seriously by other remarkable centres, such as United States. He also mentioned the EU Easter Partnership, he emphasized heat while building the south partnership took 10 years, the eastern was created in 18 months. One of the element of this partnership is the deep economic integration. He defended the idea of he double defense system based from one side on NATO and from the other on the European’s Union military system. Within the European one, there should be stronger synchronization of the national policies and the specialization within the whole system. Referring to the question about Afganistan and Polish presence there, he stated that our definition of the success there is quite limited, cause the iams which we defined are limited. We wish that the territory of the country wasn’t used by terrorists and the country was ruled by definitely democratic government.

Polish Air Navigation Services Agency

presentation of the sponsor partne

No enterpreneurship without innovation

Panel discussion

  • Moderator: Marcin Piasecki - Editor in Chief, The Warsaw Street Journal
  • Aleksander Kwaśniewski, President of the Republic of Poland (1995- 2005)
  • Dariusz Żuk – Polska Przedsiębiorcza
  • Wojciech Syrocki - RoboCamp
  • Wiktor Oki - Generation School
  • Jacek Łęgiewicz - Innovation Policy Manager, IBM
  • Jakub Wronkowski, Managing Director AIP Business Link

There’s no innovation without good education

In Poland, there is still much to be done in order to give the entrepreneurship and innovation their right place - said President Kwaśniewski. We need to estimate the enterprising people. Innovation must be based on knowledge about the current situation. Crisis is a time for youth and good ideas. Crisis destroys all what is old and creates new. Crisis opens new possibilities although is a problem for the politicians.

Listen: Aleksander Kwaśniewski

All barriers exist in minds

Everybody can be an entrepreneur. The barriers identified by participants that prevent them from setting their own enterprise were as follow: lack of money, beaurocracy, lack of idea, competition, other activities like studies, lack of experience, the crisis. The speakers stated that the biggest barriers exist in our minds. We need to gather experience, travel and observe. When the idea is good we can find external support for our ideas, such as offers the Academic Business Incubator and other similar bodies.

European Dillemmas: protectionism vs. closer integration. In which direction will the EU head in the 21st century?

Janusz Lewandowski - lecture
Member of the European Parliament, Poland

The European project in unique in the world

Janusz Lewandowski said that Europe is too much busy with itself. People are not interested in European policy; huge majority of European doesn’t know who is Barroso. In his speech, he also referred to the crisis, showing that it has revealed that the community has less tools than a state, it’s a great paradox. He wished the new generation to respond to new challenges and to discover the European project.

Eastern Partnership - myth or reality?

Panel discussion

  • Borys Tarasiuk – former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ukraine
  • Peter Semneby – EU-Special Representative for the South Caucasus, Sweden
  • Janez Jansa - former Prime Minister of Slovenia
  • Vartar Oskanian - President of the Civilitas Foundation, Armenia
  • Iulian Fota - National Security Advisor to the President of Romania

Listen to the message to Young Leaders of the Economic Forum in Nowy Sacz by Mr. Tarasiuk, the former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. I wish you to be ambitious, smart and active. Work for the future of your countries.

Borys Tarasiuk - former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ukraine

Biznes Mixer

banquet organized by the Academic Business Incubators

Banquet organized by the Academic Business Incubators, during which young leaders will have a chance to meet with VIPs, talk with them about their career, sucess factors and personal experiences.

Youth about business with Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz

Young Leaders talked about enterpreneurship with former Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewcz. He encouraged them to take up initaitives and to be active.