Europe Startup

Europe Startup as any other startup requires an idea, a long-term vision, a strategy, leaders, a team and solid economic and financial basis. Poland, as a creative, modern and innovative country which has its own point of view has a potential to create this startup. The meeting of young professionals, entrepreneurs and social leaders from countries of the European Union (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania) organised in Nowy Sącz, Krynica and Cracow is going to be a space where new contacts, new solutions and projects will be created.

This meeting is a chance for the young to debate with leaders of the today's world and to reflect on future of the European Union. Europe Startup is a project that propagates the positive image of Poland and is a space ideal for forming long-lasting relations between its participants, that will result in social and business projects in the future.

enable young people from the EU countries to express their opinions in the international arena

Aim of the actions planned during the project is to enable young people from the EU countries to express their opinions in the international arena through taking part in debates and panels discussion during a huge international event like the 12th Economic Forum of Young Leaders.

As part of the project young leaders will participate in workshops which will improve their management and entrepreneurial skills. Through study visits they will get to know various enterprises of Nowy Sącz. Additionally, the participants will have the chance to take part in a study visit to the Science and Technology Park in Cracow.

A printed booklet will be published. It will be the summaries of the project and it will contain opinions of the young generation expressed by young decision-makers and panelists from other countries during the Economic Forum of Young Leaders.

Strengthening the image of Poland among international societies through establishing bilateral and multilateral contacts between Polish and partner countries societies. As well as, through gaining positive altitude towards Polish point of view and overcoming stereotypes which exist in historical and international dialogue.

strengthening the image of Poland in the international community


strengthening the image of Poland in the international community


gaining understanding of the Polish point of view and breaking the stereotypes in the historic and intercultural dialogue


promoting creative and innovative Poland


establishing partnership and cooperation between Polish and foreign institutions and enterprises that might become shared business, social and diplomacy projects in the future


gaining new opinion-formers, social and economic environments of the EU countries and expanding their views by the Polish one


developing (during the workshops and the debates) ideas and solutions: how the EU should work, how to make economy more innovative and competitive, how to start the cooperation and go on cooperating with the Polish startups


acquiring by participants of the project contacts and knowledge, that will encourage them to international cooperation in the future


strengthening the image of innovative and creative Poland among a bigger group of receivers gained by social media and 5 articles published in foreign press


illustrating the viewpoint of the young generation of Poles and representatives of other the partner countries expressed in the final report.




European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation
Ul. Przechodnia 4, 20 – 003 Lublin

tel: +48 81 536 10 83

Leader of the project

European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation


Public task co-financed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland as part of the 'Public Diplomacy 2017' contest
'Cooperation in the Field of Public Diplomacy 2017' component.