16th Economic Forum of Young Leaders


September 7-9, 2021



7 SEPTEMBER 2021 - DAY 1

   12:00 – 12:30

Opening session of 16th Economic Forum of Young Leaders

  • Piotr Mazurek – Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Government Plenipotentiary for Youth Policy, Vice-President of the Public Interest Committee
  • Justyna Orłowska – Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for GovTech The Chancellery of the Prime Minister
  • Jerzy Łużniak – President of Jelenia Góra
  • Wioletta Palczewska – Rector, The Karkonosze State University of Applied Sciences
  • Agata Dziubińska – Gawlik – Chairman of the Board, European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation

The first speaker in the opening session was Mr. Piotr Mazurek - Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Government Plenipotentiary for Youth Policy, Vice-Chairman of the Public Benefit Committee. He began his speech by emphasizing his joy at the fact that, despite the current circumstances, we managed to meet and create a space for reflection on topics important to young people.
- The government we represent has one of its strategic goals for young people to engage in public life in various areas in Poland as much as possible, - Mr. Mazurek said.

Another invited guest - Ms. Justyna Orłowska - Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for GovTech, Head of GovTech and Plenipotentiary Minister of Education and Science for Digital Transformation, emphasized how important young people are for the development of our country.
- No matter what career you choose, always remember that what you pursue has an impact on how our country will develop. - Ms. Orłowska said.

-The driving force behind changes is knowledge, experience, awareness, access to reliable education, practical competences and discussion. - emphasized Professor Beata Telążka - Prorector of the Karkonosze State University of Applied Sciences in Jelenia Góra.

-Here, for many years, you have been asking questions and delivering answers to the most bothering problems we deal with. - said Ms. Agata Dziubińska-Gawlik, President of the Board of the European Meeting Center - Nowy Staw Foundation.

   12:30 – 13:00

Motivational Speech – Adapt Yourself!

  • Nina Wieretiło – Founder: Perfectly Personal, Member, AWO

Ms. Nina Wieretiło - founder of Perfectly Personal start-up and a member of the Academy of Civic Knowledge (AWO), drew our attention to the importance of motivating and appreciating oneself, and to the issue of adapting in the current post-pandemic world.

-I believe that change is inevitable, we all know it, and only a few of us realize that readiness is only optional. The most successful people in this world, in my opinion, are people prepared for a very wide range of scenarios and when something right comes, they reach for it, go there, do the rest and change the world. - emphasized Ms. Wieretiło.


Workshop session

Workshop 1: Incubator of international Cooperation - interpersonal and leadership skills workshops
Aneta Szczykutowicz – Coach, psychologist, international project coordinator

Workshop 2: “Enter the Comfort Zone” with The Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland
Katarzyna Bojarska – The Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland

Workshop 3: Etiquette in business, diplomatic protocol
Bartosz Czerniawski – Akademia Savoir-Vivre ”Bonawentura”

Workshop online 1: Stress in management
Aleksandra Kulik – Chairman of the Board, Sempre a Frente Foundation, Social psychologist, experienced coordinator and international project facilitator
Marta Szczodrak – Member of the Board, Sempre a Frente Foundation, Psychologist and career adviser, coach

Workshop online 2: Entrepreneurship of young generation
Jakub Lachowski – Co-founder, CEO, Plantalux

Forum participants took part in a series of workshops

They were oriented towards the development of leadership competences, the ability to cope with stress and the acquisition of practical knowledge useful in all social activities. Participants have signed up for workshops on interpersonal relations and leadership skills, coping with pressure and stress in management, taking care of their psychological comfort in the era of isolation and social distancing, and the workshops covered the issues of entrepreneurial competences. The workshops were conducted by specialists in the field of psychology, project management, and active entrepreneurs.


Panel discussion:
PKN ORLEN: Modern technologies for industry

Moderator: Tomasz Kowalczyk, Rebells Valley

  • Kacper Budnik, CEO BZB UAS
  • Vadym Melnyk, CEO Dronehub.ai
  • Piotr Jerzemowski, Innovation and acceleration Department, PKN ORLEN
  • Wojciech Turowicz – Co-founder, CTO, Surveily

The topic of the discussion led by Mr. Tomasz Kowalczyk, Partner of Rebels Valley, was modern technologies for industry. The panellists discussed the upcoming technological trends, the importance of technology in our lives and the current condition of the industry of the future.

Mr. Vadym Melnyk emphasized the peculiar strategy of his company, creating equipment tailored to the specific needs of the client - this direction enabled work on the autonomous flight of drones. - Since 2015, we have been trying to understand what our clients need and solve their real problems.

Mr. Kacper Budnik, on the other hand, raised an important aspect related to the verification of the direction of his start-up. - When establishing the company in 2017, we planned to build and sell remote aerial vehicles. When the funding ran out, we had no ideas and recipients - we decided to provide services with manufactured drones. - Moreover, Mr. Budnik talked about the expectations of his clients - The client expects information enabling quick action and acceleration of processes taking place in the company, and above all, cost reduction. Therefore, we started to implement algorithms that are currently of key value for the client.

For successes to appear, there must be actions - emphasized Mr. Piotr Jerzemowski. - We have created our own acceleration program, our previous activities have resulted in successes, the authors of which are present in this panel.

Mr. Wojciech Turowicz referred to the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence in cooperation with large corporations - No matter how big your recipient's pocket is, no matter if the project is for a million or a hundred million - you have to be better than the competition, more effective and efficient and better use the investor's money

Mr. Jerzemowski referred to the challenges in the field of cooperation with startups - We have to learn to take risks. Innovation is synonymous with risk.


Panel discussion:
What should young people know about modern finance market?

GameStop case and the social debate on ethically questionable speculations in the financial markets shows how important is education in this area. What can we do to protect young investors from making mistakes? What the financial market will look like in the future? Financial markets are also about the safety of our assets - how to protect yourself from phishing or fraud? How to manage finances in cyberspace?

Moderator: Mariusz Bednarz – EFYL Programme Director

  • Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz – President, Polish Bank Association
  • Adam Banai – Executive Director, The National Bank of Hungary
  • Luciano D'Alfonso - Chairman of the Committee on Finance and Treasury, Senate Italy

The debate on financial markets began with the statement of Mr. Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz, Chairman of the Polish Bank Association, who referred to the issue of CBDC, the so-called digital money. - The use of digital currency by central banks enables very quick transaction operations. These financial market operations take place in several segments and should be integrated at some point. - Mr. Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz began - The implementation of the electronic currency of banks by central banks makes it possible to accelerate this process and, in a way, to monitor its state on an ongoing basis. Important aspects of the speech were also the concern about the cryptocurrency market, which often does not guarantee security for users and is used for illegal activities.

Mr. Adam Banai, Executive Director of Magyar Nemzeti Bank, in relation to the youth perspective, emphasizes - We can understand these phenomena using our classic textbook knowledge and this is something I wanted to emphasize that the textbooks are good, they still work well despite the fact that the world is very has changed. The way we carry out financial transactions has changed, but the essence is very similar.


Debata oksfordzka: Coal or wind turbines?

Is the decarbonization of the world economy likely to be successful? How can we reconcile the need to warm our families with the need to care for future generations?

Moderator: Viktoria Khyzhniak – International Project Coordinator, European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation

Special guest: Bartłomiej Orzeł – Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for “Clean Air” Program

  • Michel Luczak
  • Piotr Okulski
  • Eustachy Benkowski
  • Alina Prochasek
  • Klaudia Budzanowska

The debate began with the representation of the proposal – supporters of renewable energy sources - decarbonization is an extremely important topic from the Polish and international perspective. Our priority should be, above all, that decarbonisation is fair and covers all citizens, regardless of their level of affluence - Mr. Piotr Okulski pointed out.

Mr. Bartłomiej Orzeł, in response to the debate, replied - Can this process be successful? It has to be. There is no turning back from the path of decarbonization, this applies to Polish, European and global society. Energy from photovoltaic panels is the cheapest source of energy in many places in the world. 40 thousand People die every year due to air pollution caused mainly by carbon - added Mr. Orzel.

The opposition voiced a number of counter-arguments - Is decarbonization a good and needed phenomenon in Poland? Of course. However, I would like to point out that decarbonization is a long term process. Are we ready to go through this process? We should choose the criterion of justice here, at the moment 160,000 People working in the mining industry - how can these people find their way back to the job market? (...) The burning of coal itself is a problem, but is its extraction also? - points out Ms. Alina Prochasek

- We should choose the criterion of solidarity - look at economic and social perspectives - why should we get rid of coal if we can sell it? - Ms. Klaudia Budzanowska have added in summary.


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