Nationale-Nederlanden has consistently supported initiatives to promote rational saving, financial management of own and hedging against unforeseen events. Increasing demographic challenges influence social structure and labour market. Hence, it is essential to involve young people in popularizing attitudes connected with estabilishing longterm financial security. Thus, Nationale-Nederlanden decided on participating in this year's 13th Economic Forum of Young Leaders. It is to be held on September 3-7, 2018 in Nowy Sącz and Krynica.


Young and ambitious entrepreneurs, who share their visions, passion and innovative ideas, is a perfect group to discuss key challenges of today. Economic Forum of Young Leaders is a great place to juxtapose various ideas that will tackle successfully the wide range of future challenges. This is a good moment to creatively and practically use the increasing interest of young people in financial security. Therefore we would like to be an active member in this discussion. Financial crisis that swept through the world economy, has shaken its very foundations. One of the most painful consequences is an exceedingly difficult situation of young people who are at the beginning of their professional careers. They are more and more aware that they need to define their future on their own. They realize how important retirement pension is, especially in the face of increasingly serious demographic changes.

The situation is serious. Demographic trends show that more than 10% of global population (580 mln) will constitute people 65 +. It will impose a significant burden on people in the labour market as well as those young ones entering it. A growing inbalance in the proportion of recipients of pension will put an increasing pressure on financial condition of pension system. It is connected with monetary policy of central banks and ubiquitous low interest rates. It leads to the fact that all capital investments, especially longterm ones, have lower rates of returns. It means that young people at the beginning of their career have to save for their retirements if they wish to receive comparable retirement pension as their parents did.


Encouragingly, according to Nationale-Nederlanden report "Financial Maturity of Poles 2017" drawn up on the basis of GfK study, every third young person saves for their retirement. This runs counter to the claim that Millennial generation is careless. Hence, the meeting with a group of young leaders will be a great opportunity to further inspiration aimed at the youth in order to seek efficient ways to estabilish their financial security. That is why, the issues regarding insurance against unforeseen events. The trend remains that we use such insurances only when we are made to do this. This is especially true to civil liability insurance, a group insurance as well as contributions paid to OFE.


There is major potential to encourage young people to higher initiative in benefiting from additional insurance. The young leaders can serve as true inspirers. Very often, they are also entrepreneurs, hence the more will be their role and responsibility in shaping responsible attitudes not only among their peers but also their employees. Entrepreneurs are all finding it more difficult to build skilful and professional team, therefore it is crucial to form complex system of incentives going beyond traditional financial benefits. One of them is an Employee Pension Plan. It allows to build the image of the company which manages the employees team in long term and cares about their future. At the same time, it strengthens their relations with the company as they share responsibility for its success.

On the other hand, Nationale-Nederlanden report shows that the Polish do not combine maturity with knowledge of financial issues. We start to think about financial security when we are forced by life circumstances. More than 80 % of the Polish claim that they are responsible and mature, however this sense becomes stronger among those who are going to set up home. It suggests that the maturity of Poles relies more on emotion than reasonable assessment of their own life situation, potential needs as well as financial challenges.

Every fifth person, who claims that is responsible, has not yet thought about savings in order to provide financial security for the future. We begin to consider it after a family has gone on to have children. Consequently, the young leaders have a demanding task to convince their peers to take into consideration financial security of their own and their relatives while thinking about the future.

Promotion of appropriate attitudes towards responsible management of financial security will be one of the crucial challenges facing the young leaders. It will be also an experimental field for shaping their leadership potential. Hence, Nationale-Nederlanden is taking part in workshops which aim is to build and enhance leadership skills, develop competences regarding motivating and inspiring as well as communicate effectively. We would like to be in the place that shapes the future and we could not miss the opportunity to be in at the meeting where the future is a leading theme.